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The Black Hole Glitch is a very powerful glitch that breaks most of the Mario Maker 2 barriers.

How to reproduce[edit]

Classic Game Styles[edit]

Tutorial 1 (Ver. 2.0.0) by SilicatYT[edit]

  1. First create two (vertical) rows of 5 Template:Part each.
  2. Then add two Curved Template:Part to it.
  3. Now you'll need 4 Template:Part with Template:Part in them. Place them like this.
  4. Next you add 4 (horizontal) rows of 3 Template:Part each. Those will eventually be filled.
  5. Now fill the ClownCar-Filled Spot with: 4 Template:Part Tiles, 1 Template:Part, 4 Template:Part (5 placed on video though) and 1 Template:Part
  6. Add Template:Part to the Horizontal Tracks. The first one has to be at least 7 Block wide, the other ones need the max Length.
  7. Finally add 2 Template:Part in the middle.
  8. Add more Vertical Template:Part
  9. ... and four Max-Sized Pokeys with 1 Template:Part between the top and the bottom Template:Part.
  10. Now add Template:Part in Template:Part the Template:Part, as well as a Template:Part
  11. The Two Boom Booms here have to be placed between the top and the bottom Template:Part.
  12. Add 2 Template:Part to the Curved Template:Part now.
  13. Finally add some Template:Part to the rest of the Template:Part
  14. Please note that the lowest Template:Part have to be Max-Sized.
  15. Now you can adjust the Template:Part height and you are finished!
  16. The Black Hole is now ready to use!
A Finished Black Hole


Classic Game Styles (Older Versions)[edit]

Tutorial 1 (Ver. 1.1.0) by SilicatYT[edit]

  1. First, fill up the Template:Part Limit.
  2. Now place a Template:Part onto a Template:Part
  3. Undraw the Template:Part the Template:Part is on and without letting go of A, fill up the Limit again.
  4. UNDO
  5. Finally, copy the Template:Part 35 Times
  6. Your Black Hole is now ready.


Tutorial 2 (Ver. 1.0.1) by SilicatYT[edit]

  1. To create a Black Hole, place 65 tracks with Template:Part
  2. and a long track. Place 35 Template:Part onto it with 1 space between each Template:Part.
  3. When you're done, copy one track with a Template:Part...
  4. ...and undraw the long Template:Part.
  5. Now UNDO once and stack all 35 Template:Part.
  6. Your Black Hole is now ready to save.


Super Mario 3D World (Older Versions)[edit]

Tutorial 1 (Ver. 1.0.1) by SilicatYT[edit]

  1. Place 35 sideways Template:Part with big Bloopers in them...
  2. Now place 65 Template:Part Template:Part then copy one to overflow the limit.
  3. Pull out 7 Template:Part and delete their Template:Part. Now UNDO 8 times.
  4. Repeat this for all 5 Rows...
  5. ...and stack them.
  6. Delete the Template:Part Template:Part and save.


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