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New Super Mario Bros. U is the fourth and final Classic Game Style in Super Mario Maker 2.


This style is based on New Super Mario Bros. U, a game which was released in 2012 for the Wii U.

Style Properties[edit]

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Game Style-Specific Powerup[edit]

The Propeller Mushroom is the Game Style-Specific Powerup. It'll slowly move to the right while also moving down and up a little. After some time, the Propeller Mushroom will fly away. The Propeller Mushroom will swim similarly to Goombrat and Goombud swimming in the Night Ground Course Theme.

When a player collects it, they will become their Propeller Form and will be able soar up into the air by spinning before heading back down. When a player is descending they can ground-pound to make their descent faster, hit blocks from the top, and kill certain enemies.


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Differences to Previous Games[edit]

New Super Mario Bros. U[edit]

  • The Flagpole's base is 1 block wide instead of 2.
  • The castle after the Flagpole is closer to the Flagpole.
  • Mario can enter the castle after the Flagpole while riding Yoshi, instead of dismounting him.
  • Mario carries POW Blocks and Trampolines in front of him, instead of above his head.
  • Only Players, Yoshi, Bowser and Bowser Jr. are 3D models; everything else is a flat sprite.
  • P Switches are lighter in color, have a flashing animation and can be carried.
  • When Yoshi eats a Fire Piranha Plant or Lava Bubble, he spits out three fireballs instead of one.
  • Yoshi can eat Hammer Bros.
  • The spin-jump acts more like it does in Super Mario World, allowing the player to bounce off Piranha Plants.
  • The player can spin in the air more than once.
  • Big Dry Bones can now be knocked out by spin-jumping on them as well as ground-pounding them.
  • Dry Bones' heads no longer fall off their bodies.
  • Bullet Bills no longer collide with each other.
  • Fish Bones do not die when colliding with each other.
  • Lakitus and their Clouds have been made smaller to match previous appearances.
  • Banzai Bills are shorter to match past appearances.
  • Checkpoint Flags have a new design when not activated, to match other themes.
  • Checkpoint Flags are smaller.
  • Boom Boom's animation after being hit is different.
  • Multiple players cannot ground pound to trigger a POW block-like effect.
  • Players in multiplayer cannot voluntarily enter a bubble.
  • The Snow Course Theme has a new day background based on that from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • Chain Chomps have shorter posts, and their chains are like those from SMB3. Unchained Chomps do not jump off the stage when they hit a wall, and they cannot break bricks.
  • Big Goombas and Koopa Troopas move at the same speed as their smaller counterparts.

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

  • The windows in the background of the Castle Course Theme are clear.
  • The background of the Underwater Course Theme has more detail.
  • There are more waterfalls in the Underground Course Theme's background.
  • Lava is now more detailed.
  • Checkpoint Flags have been modified to be more like in other styles.
  • Yoshi's Eggs no longer hatch a progressive powerup when the limit is reached.