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Super Mario 3D World is the only Extra Game Style in Super Mario Maker 2.


The original Super Mario 3D World was released in 2013 for the Wii U.

Style Properties[edit]

Exclusive Features[edit]

Course Elements[edit]

Other Features[edit]

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  • Different Boom Boom behavior.
  • Thwomps are fully solid and can be touched without taking damage.


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Differences to Super Mario 3D World + Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker[edit]

  • The gameplay is on a 2D plane (excluding various elements that can go into the foreground or background), but with 3D models instead of fully 3D. Several controls have been adjusted because of that.
  • Many enemies are smaller.
  • Players start in small form instead of Super form.
  •  ! Blocks replace the big ? blocks from the original, but have the same function.
  • Banzai Bills have a new spinning animation.
  • P Switches switch bricks with coins like in the other styles. They have a modified design to work better in 2D.
  • P Switches and POW Blocks can be carried and thrown and obey gravity.
  • Thwomps drop down when the player is near (like in the other styles) instead of periodically.
  • All characters function identically.
    • Before v1.1.0, there were minor differences between the characters but no differences from Super Mario 3D World were present.
  • The player cannot enter a Koopa Troopa shell and slide around.
  • Players cannot share Super Star invincibility by touching each other.
    • However, grabbing a player still has this effect.
  • The player cannot get a higher jump by jumping after landing from a ground-pound.
  • Ground-pounds can be cancelled like in New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • Pink Coins replace Key Coins and give a visible Key instead of simply unlocking Warp Boxes (With Keys).
  • Porcupuffers behave differently.
  • Donut Blocks fall faster and need to be stood on for a few seconds before falling. This makes them more similar to the other game styles.
  • Enemies do not give coins when killed.
  • There is no item storage.
  • Fire Toad looks more like he does in New Super Mario Bros. U.
  • To pick up another player, instead of just holding 15px, a shoulder button must also be pressed.
  • (Caption Toad: Treasure Tracker Only) Small Toadette's cap does not have reversed colors compared to Super Toadette to be more similar to New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.