Super Mario Bros. 3

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Super Mario Bros. 3 is the second of four Classic Game Styles in Super Mario Maker 2.


The original Super Mario Bros. 3 was released in 1990 (1988 Japan) for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Style Properties[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 3's controls are fairly basic. The player can press 15px to jump, 15px to run, 15px 15px to crouch, and down on a slope to slide. The player can grab certain items by running into them while holding 15px, and throw them by letting go. The player can also drop objects by holding 15px15px, but not throw them upwards.

A special mechanic in the style is called the P-meter, which fills up when the player runs. When the P-meter is full, the player is said to be at P-speed and can run faster and jump higher.

Game Style-Specific Powerup[edit]

The Super Leaf is an item and the Game Style-Specific Powerup for the Super Mario Bros. 3 Game Style. It'll slowly sway downward unless it has Wings. It'll sway upwards in the Night Ground Course Theme.

When a player collects it, they will become their Racoon Form and will be able to kill certain enemies with a tail swipe and be able to hit ? Blocks, and Brick Blocks from the side. The player can also repeatedly tap 15px in midair to slow their fall. When a player reaches P-speed, they will be able to fly by repeatedly tapping 15px.


In-game sprites and the HUD (besides Clear Condition indicators), but not sound effect visuals, use an 8-bit Art style, being made of pixels and only having 3 colors per sprite. Sprites usually have black outlines. Several sprites disobey the rule, like Fire Flowers (which were colored differently in the original game but recolored in Super Mario Maker to look more like other styles), and Bowser and Boom Boom, who were originally only shown on a black background so they have black outlines which were only implied in the original game (this also extends to Bowser Jr. despite him not being in original game).

Some black sprites are recolored in themes with mostly black backgrounds to be a dark blue instead.

Differences to Previous Games[edit]

Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

  • Raccoon Mario can defeat Dry Bones.
  • Fire Flowers have been recolored.
  • Bowser hops backwards and forwards before ground-pounding instead of hopping in place.
  • The Level Goal awards points depending on what power-up was on it when it was hit, as the card system from the original game is not present. It also has a new 1-Up Mushroom icon that gives an extra life.
  • The player can exit Shoes by pressing 15px/15px/15px/15px.
  • P Switches can be carried.
  • Mario cannot drop into the background by crouching on top of a white semisolid, but as an easter egg he will do a short hop.
  • Dry Bones turn at ledges.
  • Thwomps have new sprites for attack and standby instead of always being in the same sprite.
  • Small characters can now crouch.
  • Luigi's green color is darker, and Fire Luigi has a lime green shirt to distinguish him from Fire Mario.
  • Spike Balls have a new sprite.

Super Mario Maker / Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS[edit]

  • Thwomps have new sprites for attack and standby instead of always being in the same sprite.
  • Small characters can now crouch.
  • The Castle Course Theme background now features windows.
  • Raccoon Mario no longer poses like he is holding an item while flying.
  • The Ghost House Course Theme was re-recorded to sound more authentic.