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Template:Infobox CoursePartsSuper Mushrooms are items that originated in Super Mario Bros. As of version 2.0, in the Super Mario Bros. Game Style, they have an alternate form called the Master Sword.


They will normally move to the right when loaded. In the Night Ground Course Theme, they will act like a Super Star but will always try to bounce away from the player. When a small player touches them, they become their Super Form.

Players in their Super Form will become bigger and be able to break Brick Blocks from below. They'll also be able to destroy them by Ground-pounding them. Spin-jumping on Rotating Blocks also breaks them. All of these abilities carry over to higher powerups.

Master Sword[edit]

The Master Sword acts the same as a Superball Flower, never moving on their own but being affected by gravity. When the player picks up this power-up, they become Link[1]. This allows the player to have several new abilities.

By tapping 15px, Link can stab their sword forward, which can be used to attack enemies. Titling 15px15px while not in a vehicle will allow Link to use his shield to deflect obstacles in front of him, similarly to a Buzzy Shell Helmet but from the side. By pressing 15px15px + 15px, Link can charge up a dash attack. Tilting 15px15px in the air to down-thrust, which is like a ground-pound, but can defeat some enemies that a ground-pound can't. Holding 15px + 15px will allow Link to produce a bomb (which acts like a stationary Lit Bob-omb) and then drop or throw it. In the Night Ground Course Theme, Link's bombs will walk (unless they are hit). Pressing 15px/15px/15px/15px will allow Link to aim a bow, then release to fire an arrow. The arrow can be angled, and Link can move while aiming.

When hit, Link will revert back to Small form. This is different to most other forms as they will only revert back to Super form. When the Game Style is switched while Link or the Master Sword are in the level, they will get converted to their Super form and Super Mushroom respectively.


Super Mushrooms can also can be used on certain Course Parts to make them Bigger. This causes most of them to double in size and weight. They also can be used on Fire Flowers, Superball Flowers, the Game Style-Specific Powerup, Super Bells, and Super Hammers to make it so they'll be a Super Mushroom when a player is small and themselves otherwise.


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Master Sword[edit]

In single player, Luigi's palette will be used, no matter what character is being used.

x64px 80px 80px 80px 80px
x70px x75px x75px x75px x75px

Affectable Course Parts[edit]

Alt. forms of Course Parts listed besides Shells can also be given Super Mushrooms.


  1. A character from The Legend of Zelda series, which is also made by Nintendo.