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Template:Infobox CoursePartsWings are modifiers that orignated in Super Mario Bros. and can be applied to many objects. Parts with Wings on Tracks move faster. Most Items and certain Terrain with Wings will fly up and down towards where the player was when loaded. Some switch directions after a bit. Shoe Goombas are an exception and act differently. When Wings are given to Enemies, they change their behavior. Each enemy gets affected differently.




Part Effect
Blocks, Hard Blocks, ? Blocks, Hidden Blocks, Cloud Blocks, Ice Blocks Moves in a wave pattern. If they contain items, they will stop moving when activated. In the 3D world style, they turn around at walls, in other styles they just pass through.
Note Blocks, Music Blocks Moves in a wave pattern.
Donut Blocks Moves in a wave pattern. [More info needed]
Coins, Big Coins, Super Mushrooms, Big Mushrooms, Super Leafs, Cape Feathers, Propeller Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Superball Flowers, Super Stars, Super Bells, Super Hammers, 1-up Mushrooms Moves in a wave pattern. Wings disappear when collected.
Shoe Goombas, Stiletto Goombas Shoes gain wings, allowing goombas to flutter-jump. The player can also do this while in the shoe.
Yoshi's Eggs Move in waves, dropping when touched by the player. Cannot hatch while flying.
Goombas, Galoombas Land: Gain the ability to jump, making two small jumps followed by a big jump. They turn to face the player just before the large jump. Lose wings when stomped.

Underwater: ?

Goombrats, Goombuds Land: Jump like Goombas and Galoombas but higher and always turn around. Lose wings when stomped.

Underwater: ?

Green Koopa Troopas Jump repeatedly. Lose wings when stomped.
Red Koopa Troopas, Dry Bones Fly up and down. Lose wings when stomped.
Buzzy Beetles Act like platforms, moving in waves, but rise when stood on.
Spinies Fly in waves, sometimes turning into eggs to shoot spikes. Alternate between shooting spikes in orthogonal and diagonal directions. Pass through walls except in 3D world.
Piranha Plants, Fire Piranha Plants, Jumping Piranha Plants, Munchers Jump into the air, fluttering a bit before descending
Spike Tops Move in waves
Hammer Bros. [needs more information]
Monty Moles Jumps higher
Rocky Wrenches Jumps out of the ground and flutters a bit before descending.
Chain Chomps While not attacking, hovers instead of bouncing.
Unchained Chomps Jumps higher
Thwomps Hovers around before attacking, following the player.
Cheep Cheeps Land: Jumps higher

Underwater: Moves up and down more while swimming.

Bloopers Moves farther
Fish Bones Move faster while attacking.
Lava Bubbles Move around at a constant speed, bouncing off walls.
Bob-Ombs Move in waves. Lose wings when stomped. Pass through walls in traditional styles, turn around in 3D world.
Wigglers Jump around in somewhat floaty jumps.
Magikoopas Shoot winged projectiles that move faster and create winged course parts. Lose wings when stomped.
Boos Take some time to start attacking, but move faster.
Stretches ?
Boo Buddies Radius grows and shrinks (if their center in being looked at in Night Ground).
Peepas Move in larger circles
Skipsqueak Has shorter but fluttery jumps.
Ant Troopers Flies in a straight line, turning at walls. When pushed, up or down, they try to get to their original height.
Hop-Chops Have fluttery jumps
Bullies Can fly over gaps and onto ledges.
Porcupuffers ?
Lakitus, course parts in Lakitu's Cloud Move up and down as they move around
Boom Boom Traditional styles: Changes attack pattern, flying above the player's head then swooping down.

3D World: Has higher and floatier jumps

Pom Pom ?
Bowser Jr. Throws hammers instead of spitting fireballs, and can fly out of pits.
Bowser ?
Meowser ?
P Switch, POW block, Stone[1] Flies in waves, turning at walls in 3D world and flying through them in traditional styles. Loses wings when grabbed.
Lifts Flutters while moving. Changes direction.
Flimsy Lifts Moves up and down before falling. Falls slower.
Objects on Tracks, in Clown Cars Moves faster
  1. Only accessible by hacking stones into the editor