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Category Terrain
Game Styles SMB, SMB3, NSMBU, SM3DW
Alternate forms None
Modifiers (Icon) Super Mushroom, (Icon) Wings
Width 1 tile
Height 1 tile
Weight Unknown
Icon (icon)

Stones are Course Parts exclusive to Story Mode.


When held, (Icon) Player will move slower and won't be able to jump as high. It can easily crush standard enemies. This part is used for a Clear Condition. Because of this, it doesn't appear in the Super Mario Bros. Game Style, as objects cannot be held in that Game Style.

Stones also have working functionality with Super Mushrooms and Wings when hacked into the editor, with Story Mode not using either, almost making it seem as if it was intended to be available in the standard Course Maker. However, it disappears if inside a course in the SMB Game Style.



SKELUX's video; Stone hacked into the Course Maker